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Congratulations to Conor Rock and Alan Gallagher and all who were elected at the 2007 YFG National Conference
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So what is The Lisbon treaty all about?

  • The treaty is a clear signal of where Europeans want the EU to be.
  • It enshrines the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.
  • It guarantees democracy at all levels, and unprecedented in European history, it provides an opt out clause for members states.
  • It will streamline our foreign policy efforts in all agreed areas allowing European to be a real force in world decision making and affairs
  • The decisions of the European and national parliaments will be defined clearly allowing for quick and effective legislation in their own respective fields. This does not mean a loss of sovereignty, but more effective lawmaking due to the various parliaments ability to specialise in areas best suited to them.
  • Voting at European Council will assume a form where it is representative of the governments of a majority of 65% of all Europeans.
  • Increased co-operation in areas of security will mean less expense to individual states like Ireland. Co-operation will also exist in competition, resource management, and customs unity.
  • Improve the voting system for making EU decisions and will make it easier to decide how to fight organised crime, terrorism and the trafficking of women and children
  • Give a greater role to National Parliaments in influencing European Legislation
  • Make provision for EU action to combat climate change
  • Make the Charter of Fundamental Rights part of EU law
  • Ireland will not be part of a military alliance
  • Allow for the appointment of a full time President of the European Council and a High Representative for Foreign Affairs, giving Europe a clearer voice on international affairs.


    11 October 2007

    Young Fine Gael (YFG) is leading the charge towards Fine Gael becoming the largest political party in the State. Following their biggest recruitment campaign ever over the past month YFG has overtaken Ogra Fianna Fail as the largest youth political movement in the country.

    According to YFG President, Elizabeth Munnelly: YFG has already shown it is far ahead of other parties in terms of representation in the Dail. We have 10 young representatives (under-35) and 36 young councillors throughout the country. Young voters have already put their trust in us, and now they are continuing that support by joining YFG in huge numbers.

    With 4,000 members we are equal in size to the Senior Labour Party and twice the size of the Senior Greens. We intend to continue our project to increase youth representation by putting forward as many YFG candidates as possible in the Local Elections and members are already manoeuvring for places on ballot papers all over the country.

    Ireland has a very young population. There are 650,000 people aged between 19 and 28 and it is about time that they were represented to the same extent as older voters. YFG pledges to continue challenging the current system and engaging as many young people in the political process as possible, she said.

    You can view the college poster here: http://www.yfg.ie/downloads/Freshers_poster.pdf

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